Company profile

Company Profile of DERMENZOGLOU S.A.

  • The DERMENZOGLOU Technical Company S.A., was founded in 2012, with field of activity

the public and private projects and study of technical projects.
It holds a third class degree in Public Works and is active in the following fields:

  1. Construction Projects
  2. Hydraulic Projects
  3. Road Construction Projects
  4. Port works
  5. Electromechanical, Energetical projects
  6. Wastewater processing projects.
  • The company started as a personal business by the President and Managing Director Ioannis Dermentzoglou in 1983.
  • As the leading member, he has participated in more than 50 Joint Ventures. With the progress and the increase in the amount of work, he has created with the same general member the companies:
  1. Dermentzoglou Ioannis L.P.
  2. Ioannis Dermentzoglou L.P.
  3. Dermentzoglou constructions L.P.

In order to meet the needs of the growing demands of the projects he undertook. From the merger of the first two came the Dermentzoglou S.A.

Since its foundation, the company has undertaken public and private projects and studies. Since 2005 it has also been developing in construction and selling of buildings: apartments and shops.

The company is represented and undertaken with the signature of Mr. Ioannis Dermentzoglou, Chairman of the administrative council and Managing Director.
Ιts administrative council, that manages the company, is composed of:

  1. Dermentzoglou D. Ioannis, Chairman and Managing Director
  2. Chalketi P. Fotini, Vice-President
  3. Dermentzoglou I. Ioanna, Member
  4. Dermentzoglou Ι. Dimitrios, Member
  5. Dermentzoglou Ι. Panagiotis, Member
  6. Chatzimichalis Konstantinos, Member


  • Throughout its operation, the company was staffed by appropriate staff, trained appropriately, cooperating with individuals and other companies and experienced subcontractors to carry out a multitude of projects. Today, four Civil Engineers, two Electrical Engineers and one Chemical Engineer are employed.
  • The company is housed in private offices of the shareholders, with storage space on a plot of 6,389 m2.
  • It has a large number of machinery for the work, trucks and cars. It is also equipped with a large number of micromachines for the detailed and smoothless execution of tasks.
  • Its financial statistics are good. It has many properties proportional to its size. It has no borrowing.
  • Gradually, the company’s activities include younger shareholders, family members, engineers.